Have you ever heard about Nemi? Or maybe Castel Gandolfo area?
I haven’t, and that’s why I decided to go and explore those beautiful counties with my co-worker and to discover the amazing food they might have to offer.

So we hoped into the car and drove through the foggy mountains to discover Nemi and, as soon as I stepped out of the car, I was mesmerized by the small and yet beautiful county ( with a population of approx. 1900 people ).

As soon as we stepped out we were greeted with this amazing landscaped which made me fall in love with Nemi immediately.
The lake at the base is magnificently surrounded by a cool breeze and an amazing Naval Museum.
The place is almost always surrounded by fog so you will find yourself in a beautiful Silent Hill which would make you fall in love with it.

As you find your way through the beautiful narrow streets, one thing you will notice on every corner are shops selling Strawberries.
Beautiful, delicious red fruits in small trays which screams, eat me! ‘’
I have to mention that I had the most delicious strawberry dessert I’ve ever tasted and that means I will definitely come back with my friends so they can taste it as well.

Are you a fan of Porchetta and Cured Meats?  Nemi has that as well and the best sandwich Porchetta I had was definitely here.
The salami is full of aroma and spices and once you taste ever a small slice, you will want more and more, willing to taste every one of them – luckily they have an option for you: tagliere di salumi which is an Italian Selection of the finest salumi they have served with an amazing red wine.

Next stop?
Castel Gandolfo county and one of the best restaurant it has to offer ( but that’s an article for another time  )

Andrei I.