The Bramble Staff is professional and has a friendly charge ready to welcome customers.

In a context like The Bramble Bar & Kitchen, with a service that opens in the morning and closes in the evening, the reference figures are so many and with different functions.

Outside, in the evening, you will find Alessandra and Gloria, ready to welcome you and accompany you to the inner room or the outside lounge.

In the room, always ready to smile, you will find Gabriele, Marco, Giovanni, Luigi ready to accommodate you, pick up your orders and why not exchange jokes. For us, service is a key part of the restaurant, and we are looking for a constant education, but above all, we choose who can share the warmth in addition to the professionalism, because at The Bramble Bar & Kitchen you come to eat and stay together.

The Bramble Bar & Kitchen is not just a restaurant, it is home to both the part intended for the Bar where Salvatore and Chiara are ready to prepare you an excellent cafe, both the space for cocktails and distillates, where the wise ……you will prepare a drink that will cheer your evening.

Well hidden, but the core of our restaurant, in the kitchen you will find the two Che Bruno and Paris, two different personalities who put all their culinary mastery to offer you the traditional dishes of Italian cuisine with contaminations of Anglo-American cuisine, to finish with of the “fusion” menu, very often fish-based.

Bramble Staff is for those who choose it for lunch breaks, for a good breakfast or to savor the dishes of our cuisine is always ready to welcome you, advise and laugh a bit with you.