The Location

The Bramble Bar & Kitchen consists of two environments.

The main interior hall, with a floor made of decorated majolica, is dominated by the imposing classic Anglo-American counter. The counter is the vital point of the Bramble where breakfasts are prepared, such as our Full English Breakfast specialty, as well as special drinks that are offered daily to our customers.

The room looks warm thanks to the shades of red that can be seen in the seats, while in the whole environment there is the wood that reminds a lot of old England environments. In general, the environment is very harmonious, warm and welcoming and above all able to accommodate the many peculiarities of this restaurant always open from morning to evening.

Outside the restaurant, you can see a very large lounge, divided into two wings overlooking the street. The lounge guarantees, thanks to its modularity and air conditioning, to enjoy the beautiful Roman days in summer, but also in winter, and is highly appreciated by tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of our city.

Choose your place at The Bramble Bar & Kitchen, let yourself be pampered by our staff and enjoy our cuisine.